Both domestic and commercial work undertaken.

Get your carpets 
Frosty Clean!

Expert cleaning of Carpets, Gutters, Windows, Conservatories, UPVC, Driveways, Patios, Disinfectant Fogging and more!

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Both domestic and commercial work undertaken.

Get your gutters
Frosty Clean! 

Expert cleaning of Carpets, Gutters, Windows, Conservatories, UPVC, Driveways, Patios, Disinfectant Fogging and more!


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Both domestic and commercial work undertaken.

Get your property
Frosty Clean!

Expert cleaning of Carpets, Gutters, Windows, Conservatories, UPVC, Driveways, Patios, Disinfectant Fogging and more!


01292 521870

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    Exterior Cleaning FAQ’s

    A selection of our Frequently Asked Questions for our Exterior Cleaning service.

    What happens when I call for a quotation?

    After conducting a site survey, we will then provide you with a full quotation for works, and if successful, a timetable for the job will be created to suit you.

    Do you require access to my water supply?

    Ideally we require access to an outside tap for pressure washing, but this is not required for window or UPVC cleaning.

    Do you require access to a power supply?

    Access to a power supply for gutter clearing is appreciated, however we have an onboard generator where the client isn’t at home or no power is easily accessed.


    Do I need to be at my home or business for you to carry out works?

    If an outside water supply is available for pressure washing then there is no other requirement for anyone to be at home.

    Can you carry out work on commercial premises?

    Yes we work for both domestic and business customers.

    How long does a driveway take to clean?

    Timescale of a job depends on area size and material. Our equipment will clean driveways in a fraction of the time of a traditional pressure washer. Most jobs can be completed in one day, however we may need to return to re-sand the area on the next dry day.

    Can you remove oil stains?

    On most occasions we can remove 99% of the stain; however it is dependent on how long the stain has been there and cannot be guaranteed.

    Will your equipment damage my paving?

    Our machinery is specifically designed to evenly distribute the water over the area and not damage your paving creating stripes like a traditional pressure washer.

    What are your payment terms?

    Payment terms: cash, cheque or BACS (no Card).
    You will be issued an invoice.

    Why don't you use ladders to clean gutters?

    We use a high powered skyvac system with camera, which vacs up sludge, debris, leaves etc. This is a much more efficient process than climbing ladders and lifting out debris by hand.

    Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

    A selection of our Frequently Asked Questions for our Carpet Cleaning service.

    Do I have to clear the room prior to cleaning?

    No, all we ask is you remove all small breakables and valueables. We can move large pieces of furniture on sliders and leave them on small blocks to avoid marking of the carpet during drying.

    Can I walk on the carpet straight away?

    Yes it is possible to walk on the carpet straight away although we would advise wearing slippers or indoor shoes until the carpet is completely dry, usually just a matter of a few hours.

    Does cleaning the carpets mean they get dirtier again more quickly?

    No. This used to be the case when oil based shampoos were used and an oily residue was left in the carpet which promoted re soiling. We use water based detergents that if any residue was left would simply crystallise and be removed at the next time of vacuuming.

    Do you use any harmful chemicals that may be dangerous for my family or pets?

    No, The products we generally use for carpets and upholstery are completely safe for children and pets.

    Will cleaning the carpets/upholstery shorten the lifespan of them?

    No just the opposite. Cleaning them increases the lifespan as the soil particles, i.e. dirt, damages the fibres wearing them down. Cleaning the carpets and upholstery removes the soil and therefore increases the longevity.

    How long does it take to dry?

    This depends on several factors i.e. the length of pile, fibre type, the degree of soiling. Thanks to our high powered extractor machines carpets and upholstery are left slightly damp not soaking wet and are usually dry within a matter of hours.

    What method do you use to clean carpets?

    We use a method called Hot Water Extraction (HWE), this is now the industry standard and recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

    How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

    Carpet manufacturers recommend twice a year.  Having your carpets cleaned regularly will prolong their lifespan and keep your home healthier.

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    Our services

    Revive your patio or driveway to its former glory with some Frosty magic!
    Prices start from £90 inc. VAT

    We use a powerful Skyvac system to reach gutters up to four storeys safely.
    Prices start from £55 inc. VAT

    We provide a full UPVC cleaning service which will restore your home to its former glory.
    Prices start from £60 inc. VAT

    Your home or business premises will see a reduction in allergens, dirt and dust.
    Prices start from £75 inc. VAT

    We ensure your windows and frames are kept sparkling at your home or business premises.
    Prices available on request.

    Ideal for cleaning high ceilings, church halls, warehouses or industrial units.
    Prices available on request.

    Frosty’s Cleaning Services provide specialist end of tenancy cleans for property managers, landlords and tenants throughout Ayrshire.

    Fogging is the quickest and most
    effective way to sanitise large areas.
    Prices available on request.

    We are now proud to offer Roof Cleaning and soft washing treatment. 
    Prices available on request.

    What our customers say

    Excellent, friendly and efficient service at a reasonable price – couldn’t ask for more! Great work done on driveway clean and downpipes etc including gutters cleared. Definitely happy to recommend!

    Jamie Hogg

    Brilliant results on our monoblock and patio slabs. They look like brand new. Lovely, friendly service also. Can highly recommend.

    Tammy Gallacher

    Had our carpets cleaned today. They now look like new and smell amazing! Great customer service from Victoria and Gavin done an excellent job on the clean. Professional from start to finish. Would highly recommend.

    Lisa Caldow

    Had our driveway done and was so impressed we had Gavin and his team back again to clean gutters and facia plus paving stones. Delighted at results. Excellent service from start to finish.

    Caren McLean

    Excellent service from Frostys cleaned my gutters and soffits and they are gleaming! I was well impressed with the job done and would highly recommend them to anyone else. The guy who came out to do it was very pleasant, great customer service!

    Lesley-Ann Sturgeon

    Speak to one of our friendly team,
    and get your property Frosty Clean!



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